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We’ve designed our Mentoring Programme to do just that for any and all past participants of our Creative Writing Course – or anyone who has completed a substantial writing programme.

So if you have a book or script in mind – or are simply playing with ideas that you hope will turn into a book (fiction or non-fiction), screenplay, or indeed a short story – or if you’re struggling with your manuscript, then here’s what our programme will give you:

  • An online forum to share your ideas/writing, and get feedback both from your writing colleagues, and from Jo-Anne and Richard. We’ll use the forum as a motivating and idea-swapping platform.
  • monthly written response to a piece of writing you’ve submitted for feedback from Jo-Anne or Richard.
    • You can submit up to 30 000 words over six months, with the maximum outer limit of nine months. Your submission can be part of the narrative (sent in sequentially), character descriptions, story outlines etc. Alternatively, you might choose instead to test and develop ideas.
    • We suggest you aim for 5000 words per month for six months but your emphasis should not be on quantity, rather on quality. So one month (particularly at the start of the programme) might make a submission of 2500 words, and another month might be 7000 words. You could depending on where you are in the programme submit three submissions of 10000 words.
  • monthly feedback session via a Skype discussion. We will also schedule a number of  face-to-face sessions in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa and in the UK (when Richard is on his canal boat).
  • Participating writers will be given deadlines (if they want them) and the opportunity to ask Richard and Jo-Anne’s opinion on urgent problems between submissions.
  • We undertake to recommend suitable manuscripts that emerge from the programme to appropriate publishers.

In return we ask that participants commit to:

  • Reading and commenting on at least some of their colleagues’ work.
  • Playing an active part on the online forum
  • Participating for at least six months


The cost for the 2018 Mentoring Programme – TBC

Payment can also be made in US$ via Paypal – at the prevailing exchange rate on the date that the PayPal request is sent.


The programme is selective and prospective candidates are asked to supply the following:

  • A one page synopsis of your proposed project or no more than one page describing your idea as far as you have developed it.
  • The first 5000 words of your project. If you have not yet begun, send us your initial ideas, character descriptions or anything you wish to share. If you are still struggling to develop your idea, jot down your thoughts, even in their sketchiest form. These will be the starting point of your first skype brainstorm/discussion.
  • A covering letter detailing why you feel the programme would be of benefit and listing any creative writing courses you have completed and/or writing experience.

Request the application form for the All About Writing Mentoring Programme today and commit to starting or finishing your writing project.

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