10-Day Writing Workout


Every day for ten days we’ll challenge you with a brand-new fresh-out-of-the-box exercise that’ll test your imagination and stretch writing muscles that haven’t had a proper workout in yonks.

And every day, Jo-Anne Richards or Richard Beynon will comment on your writing – and at the end of the course, one or other of them will give you detailed feedback on your work.

*Approximately USD 75, GBP 55, EURO 60



The upcoming Workout will demonstrate the importance of that most essential ingredient in every story: literary conflict.

We explore how it works through characters, and in scenes, and how it can be used to write subtle and intriguing narrative.

The 10-Day Writing Workout is a short sharp programme that can be slotted into a busy day

  • We’ll post a new module and exercise each day
  • It will take participants between thirty and sixty minutes a day to read the notes and do the exercise
  • The workout is a fresh look at hands on writing skills
  • It’s a reminder of some absolute fundamentals that often get forgotten, but which can transform writing
  • It will focus on the bricks and mortar of writing.
  • Participants will receive personal comments on their writing every day

Use the workout:

  • As a daily motivation
  • As a refresher programme
  • For dipping your feet into creative writing
  • As a creative discipline for anyone wanting to exercise that side of their brain

184A4197Jo-Anne Richards is an internationally published novelist with a PhD in Creative Writing from Wits University. Her novels include The Innocence of Roast Chicken, Touching the Lighthouse, Sad at the Edges, and My Brother’s Book and The Imagined Child. Six of her short stories have been published in collections. She has run the Honours programme and taught writing skills in the Wits University Journalism Department for fifteen years and has supervised in the Wits Creative Writing Masters. With Richard Beynon, she founded All About Writing in 2007 and they run a number of courses in creative writing as well as in journalism and narrative journalism. She convened the panel of judges for the Thomas Pringle Short Story Award in 2010.

Richard Beynon is an award-winning film and television scriptwriter with a long and accomplished career in the film and television industry. He has written for – or headed the storytelling teams of – many of country’s most popular soaps, dramas and comedies. These include S’gudi snaysi, Going Up, Soul City, Isidingo, Scandal, Rhythm City and Isibaya. He has lectured on writing for film and television at Wits.

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