Roll up, roll up for the 30-day Writing Workout starting May 2

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Roll up, roll up – it’s time to sign up for the year’s most exhilarating writing experience.


On May 2, we launch our 30-day Writing Workout.

Every day for thirty days we’ll challenge you with a brand-new fresh-out-of-the-box exercise that’ll test your imagination and stretch writing muscles that haven’t had a proper workout in yonks.

And every day, Jo-Anne Richards or Richard Beynon will comment on your writing – and at the end of each seven-day cycle, one or other of them will give you detailed feedback on your work.

There’s more.

Because we work off an online, interactive platform, you’ll share your work (don’t be scaredy cats – sharing is caring!) with all your fellow aerialists, and be able to read our notes on their submissions.

We guarantee that you’ll learn as much from reading their work, as you will from writing your own.


So sign up now for the three-ring, big-top, spine-tingling Writing Workout of your life by filling in the form below:

It’s the best value-for-money writing course in town – and here’s why:


Thanks Richard and Jo for organising the best writing boot camp ever. I can’t believe the amazing value for money this has been. – Adalbert

Richard and Jo-Anne, thank you for a fantastic month. I have grown tremendously in my writing and the discipline of having to write every day has been an eye opener. – Howard

Thank you Jo-Anne and Richard, for a brilliant 30 day workout.  It was everything and more than I expected.  As always, the feedback was incredibly thorough and helpful. – Gail

Thank you Josie and Richard. You’ve taught me to honour the craft of writing by refusing to be beaten by the daily challenge of writing even when I didn’t have an idea in my head. You are extraordinary teachers. – Angela

What exactly is the 30-Day Writing Workout?

  • A fresh look at hands-on writing skills run via our online network.
  • A fresh module will be posted each day
  • A short sharp programme that can be slotted into a busy day. It will take participants between thirty and sixty minutes a day to read the notes and do the exercise
  • A reminder of some absolute fundamentals that often get forgotten, but which can transform writing.
  • Participants will receive personal comments on their writing every day.

How can you use the course?

  • As a daily motivation
  • As a refresher programme
  • For dipping your feet into creative writing
  • As a creative discipline for anyone wanting to exercise that side of their brain

Who should do them?

  • People who are passionate about writing
  • Writers looking to hone their craft
  • Writers who want daily writing practice
  • Writers who have had a hiatus and need to get themselves writing again
  • Those who want to build their discipline for writing
  • Anyone looking for a morning exercise to use the creative brain  – like morning pages

Cost: ZAR 2250 via EFT. Payable also in US$ and GBP via Paypal.

Sign up now and ensure a place on the Workout. We reluctantly limit it to 30 participants.

  • This is our 30-Day Mark One – with all new exercises.


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