The bare bones guide to screenplay writing

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Our brand new Guide to Creative Screenwriting is a ten-module course designed to teach you all the elements you need to write for big and small screens. We’ll show you how to craft a killer start, develop characters, write scenes and dialogue, and how to structure your screenplay.

At that point, you’ll be ready to move on to the advanced Kickstart your Screenplay programme, which will help you craft a clear, well-structured outline. We’ll help you turn an idea into a workable outline.

Then you’re ready to enter our Mentoring Programme, through which you’ll write your screenplay with the constant support and constructive feedback of Richard and Michele.

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  • Sandi Durnford-Slater

    Hi Trish,
    If I’m already signed up for the newletter can I get the bare bones without filling out the form? I’m aware that I did something like this before and ended up getting 2 copies of the newsletter every time it came.


    • Trish Urquhart

      Yes, of course Sandy. I’ll email it to you right now!

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