Two days left to bag a discount on our two flagship courses

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You still have two days in which to take advantage of our Early Bird discount on two of our most popular and substantial courses – our real-time Creative Writing Course, and the Hero’s Journey Course. 

You’re eligible for a 10% discount on both until 31 December: our end-of-year gift to you.  

Our real-time Creative Writing Course, which begins on 31 January, is truly exclusive. We only take six participants, which means you’ll be able to discuss, question, and receive loads of personal attention. Classes run every Monday and Thursday evening for five weeks. 

The course will equip you with the skills and confidence to tackle the book you dream of. We know this because we’ve packed it with all the knowledge and tools we wish we’d had 20 years ago. We’ve drawn it from our own hard experience and the best writing advice the world has to offer.   

Run by acclaimed writers, Richard Beynon and Dr Jo-Anne Richards, it will take you through the skills you need in an engaging way: developing your own voice, harnessing ideas, building characters and story, writing in scenes, using point of view and perspective, dialogue structuring your story, building suspense and using detail to show rather than tell. 

You’ll be provided with a full set of notes to keep forever. 

Over the years, we’ve received a great many endorsements, but we’d rather let our results speak for themselves. In the fourteen years we’ve been running this course, over forty books have been published by our community members.  

Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon, whose work of non-fiction was recently accepted for publication by Pan Macmillan, said: ‘I did the All About Writing creative writing course, which was invaluable in refining my narrative techniques …  I highly recommend the courses and assessments from All About Writing.’ 

Use the coupon code earlybird10 in either our UK shop or our South African shop, or email us if you’d like to pay via bank transfer or have any questions. 

Our innovative Hero’s Journey® Course has been approved and licensed by the international Joseph Campbell Foundation, which aims to “preserve, protect, and perpetuate the work of Joseph Campbell”, the renowned student of mythic story-telling. 

Set to run from 27 January, for eight weeks, the course uses Campbell’s Hero’s Journey® concept to help you focus on the Hero at the heart of your story, whether you’re embarking on a work of fiction, memoir, biography or writing for the screen.   

Renowned for having guided George Lucas in writing his Star Wars movies, the Hero’s Journey® template will provide the direction you need in creating and structuring a story – from either real-life or imagined events.  

“I felt like understanding the Campbell’s Hero’s Journey gave me the structure I’ve been looking for to have a structured first draft to jump off,” Penny Castle said. “In particular it allowed me to consider what set-up I needed upfront to sustain tension and interest in the rest of the story…”  

The Hero’s Journey® Writing Course is run by two writing veterans, our very own Richard Beynon, and our close associate Michele Rowe, seasoned film and television writer, and the winner of The Crime Writers Association’s Debut Dagger for What Hidden Lies, the first novel in a crime trilogy. 

Use the coupon code earlybird10 in either our UK shop or our South African shop, or email us if you’d like to pay into our bank account or if you have any questions. 


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