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Please join us for our next free creative writing webinar with Matthew Wihelm-Solomon, author of the recently published , and his publisher Andrea Nattrass from Pan Macmillan. They’ll discuss what it takes to write and publish a non-fiction book from the very first inkling of an idea all the way to publication. They’ll be at your disposal to answer all your writing and publishing-related questions. 

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Wednesday 24 August 2022
16:00 to 17:00 UK time
17:00 to 18:00 South Africa Time

A recording will be sent out to everyone who registers.

Our free webinars are specifically and wholly devoted to improving your creative writing skills.

Send us your questions about the publishing and writing process in advance of the webinar.

About The Blinded City

One of the best works of narrative non-fiction to emerge from the country in years. Quite simply brilliant.’ – NIREN TOLSI

Amid evictions, raids, killings, the drug trade, and fire, inner-city Johannesburg residents seek safety and a home. A grandmother struggles to keep her granddaughter as she is torn away from her. A mother seeks healing in the wake of her son’s murder. And displaced by the city’s drive for urban regeneration, a group of blind migrants try to carve out an existence. The Blinded City recounts the history of inner-city Johannesburg from 2010 to 2019, primarily from the perspectives of the unlawful occupiers of spaces known as hijacked buildings, bad buildings or dark buildings. Tens of thousands of residents, both South African and foreign national, live in these buildings in dire conditions. This book tells the story of these sites and the court cases around them, which strike at the centre of who has the right to occupy the city. The interwoven narratives present a compelling mosaic of life in post-apartheid Johannesburg, one of the globe’s most infamous and vital cities.

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