Thank you for attending our webinar on screenwriting. Thank you too for all your thought provoking questions. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting this webinar.

We’re pleased to offer everyone who signed up for the webinar a 20% discount on our Screenwriting Crash Course starting on Monday 5 July. Use the voucher code CRASH20. Book today!

Here is the webinar replay:

Take the next step towards seeing your idea on the screen!

Master the techniques and strategies you need to write for the screen

Screenwriting Crash Course

5 July

This is a five-week, ten-module online introduction to the skills required to write a screenplay or a television script. We’ll give you generous and constructive feedback to assignments both in writing and at three live sessions to ensure you master the techniques and strategies you’ll need to write like a professional.

20% discount – use the voucher code CRASH20

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Turn your idea into a professional treatment

Kickstart your screenplay

By arrangement

A clear well-structured outline is the key to any successful screenplay. In this professional level course, Kickstart your Screenplay, we walk you through the skills, techniques and strategies involved in turning an idea into a workable outline.  Working off a solid theoretical base, the course gives you clear and extensive feedback and ongoing interaction.

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Writing and development support and feedback

Screenwriting mentoring

By arrangement

Our Screenwriting Mentoring Programme provides one-on-one coaching on any film or television project, whether developing an idea or writing the script. We hold your hand and walk you through the process. Industry professionals with decades of experience, Richard Beynon and Michele Rowe, provide notes and advice on story, characters, structure, scenes and style.

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