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Advanced newswriting gets creative with news stories. It shows how newswriting has borrowed from features. These advanced story structures draw readers in by appealing to their empathy and interest in other people. We explain different story structures and the importance of a “nut graph”, with many examples. We go through the alternatives available for writing “delayed intros”, which tease and intrigue readers into the essence of the story. Finally, we discuss what it means to write with flair, using all your senses. You will try your hand at writing two delayed intros and nut graphs, and will receive full personal feedback.

Who should do the course?

  • Anyone who has completed our module on Basic Newswriting or who is experienced in the skills of traditional newswriting.
  • Journalists who would like to up their game and write news more creatively.
  • People skilled in the newswriting, who would like their writing to become more versatile.
  • Young journalists who feel the need to sharpen their newswriting skills.
  • People who would like to break into the world of journalism by freelancing.

Why should you do the course?

  • The course will explain different story structures in great detail and in an accessible and easy-to-follow style.
  • It is filled with examples and allows you to practise your skills in a safe environment.
  • You will be able write news more creatively for print or online.
  • You will receive constructive personal feedback.

COST: R1800

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Module One:
This module looks at why different newswriting structures developed. It describes each in great detail, with examples to clarify. It explores how best to tease your reader into the story, using their empathy and natural curiosity to draw them into the story. It describes the alternatives available to you in delaying your intro and allows you to test yourself on a number of examples – both successful and less so.

Module Two:
Module two goes beyond the delayed intro to the rest of the story. It looks at middles and ends, and explores ways in which you can write with flair, without becoming flowery. It is filled with examples and exercises and finishes with an assignment, which invites you to write delayed intros for two different stories, with their corresponding nutgraphs. You will receive full personal feedback.

If you do more than one of the Essential Journalism courses you’ll receive a 10% discount on each subsequent Essential Journalism course.

Please email us to book your place or for more information. 


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