Basic newswriting introduces you to the skills of writing for the news media. Backed up with many examples and a lot of practice, we show you how to write a traditional news story for print or online. We explain how to find an angle that will appeal to your readers, and translate this into an intro that will draw them into your story. You will learn to structure your story for maximum impact and to master news style. We will discuss the peculiarities of language for newswriting, and allow you to try your hand at two assignments, with full personal feedback.

Who should do the course?

  • Anyone who would like to learn the writing skills of journalism.
  • People who would like to break into the world of journalism by freelancing.
  • Young journalists who feel the need to sharpen their newswriting skills.

Why should you do the course?

  •  The course will help you write news stories with impact.
  • You will be able write stories for print or online with confidence.
  • Y
  • ou will be given writing practice in a safe environment.
  • You will receive constructive personal feedback.

COST: R1800 

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Module One:
This module looks at the basic structure of a traditional news story, how and why it developed. Then it focuses on the angle: how to find it and how to write an intro with maximum impact. We look at why intros are important and what they should and should not contain. The module ends with an intro-writing assignment, with feedback.

Module Two:
Module two goes beyond the intro to the rest of the story. It looks at news language and style, then concentrates on structure. It explains in detail how best to structure your news story, and how to make it flow. It is filled with examples and exercises in It finishes with a news writing assignment, with full personal feedback.

If you do more than one of the Essential Journalism courses you’ll receive a 10% discount on each subsequent Essential Journalism course.

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