Allaboutwriting offers companies and organisations a range of business writing and communications courses – and is able to create bespoke packages which meet the individual challenges of clients.

As the South African business landscape transforms there is a growing need for effective and professional communication skills.  Effective written and oral communication within companies increases productivity, reduces time-wasting misunderstandings and enables teams to pull together.  Communication between a company and its customers is, of course, crucial in building relationships and increasing sales.

Whether they’re fresh out of school or university or experienced communications practitioners, employees benefit from immersion in courses designed to increase their business writing and allied skills.

Allaboutwriting’s team of communication experts, with experience in the field stretching back 40 years, are able to customize courses to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We offer clients a range of courses and services covering:

  • The hard skills of written business communication
  • A series of short courses in journalism designed to equip company communications and press personnel with professional writing skills
  • Teambuilding through storytelling
  • On going mentoring designed to entrench skills taught on the courses

Depending on the courses you sign up for, the benefits to you include:

  • Employees able to write in Plain Language and project their personal and company brands in an efficient and professional way
  • Employees able to build better relationships both within and outside the company
  • Employees with the basic skills necessary to enable them to perform productively and efficiently
  • Employees with the confidence to communicate more effectively

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