Thirty-day Writing Bootcamp

Expert advice, creative stimulation and writing practice every day for 30 days  A self-guided programme to make you a better writer and help you establish a writing discipline. COST: Self-guided via email  £45 / ZAR795            Upgrade for feedback on final exercise £60 / ZAR1050  Get creative and grow your writing today!

The Indispensable Guide to Creative Writing

Take 20 steps to learn the skills that authors know. Our concise Indispensable Guide to Creative Writing will introduce you to the essential skills you need to write effective and compelling fiction or non-fiction whether you want to write a book, write for family, or simply to live a more creative life COST: Self-guided via email  £45 / ZAR795   […]

Creative Writing Webinar

Starting your story The first line, the first paragraph, the first page. Beginnings are always exciting, whether it's the start of the year or your next story. Join our free webinar to ask us any questions to do with beginnings from where to start your story to how to hook your reader, and promise them more. […]