This four module introductory course, designed to be done over a month, encourages students to express themselves confidently by mastering the essential skills of creative writing.

Ideal for anyone with an interest in creative writing as well as writers wanting to test the waters before embarking on a more ambitious course.

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COST R 750


What do you need to write the book you’ve always dreamt of?

Inspiration, encouragement, support, feedback and writing techniques that turn humdrum story into electrifying narrative..

Our 10-week online Creative Writing Course will give you the skills you need to tell the story you have been dreaming of.

Start 3 February 2020

COST R 6300


What do you need to write that book you’ve always dreamed of?.

Encouragement? Insight into the sorts of techniques that turn a humdrum story into an electrifying narrative?

Our 8-module Creative Writing Course is designed to provide writers with the skills they need to tell their own stories.

3 February 2020 CT & JHB

COST R 7950


Imagine you had your own personal writing coach.

Before or after work each day, your coach would give you a few fundamental points of writing practice, encourage you to write, provide a prompt to get you going, and give you full personal feedback.

The fourteen step creative writing Coaching Programmes offer you the chance to form a writing discipline and develop your creativity. We provide a page of cogent notes to reconnect you with some essentials of writing, and a simple but challenging assignment – all designed to fit into a busy daily schedule.


COST From R 1800


The Character Course is a unique writing course devised by novelist Jo-Anne Richards, scriptwriter Richard Beynon and psychologist Pierre Brouard.

The Character Course blends psychology and writing to create a plunge into the process of creating memorable and larger-than-life characters. It looks at the skills and insights needed to make these characters leap off the page.

This course is available online as a five module course and is facilitated by Richard and Pierre. Each module ends with an assignment to which you’ll receive feedback from either Richard or Pierre.


COST R 2250


This four-module short guide looks at how to write sex well– whatever genre you are writing.

It looks at how sex can advance the plot and develop characters.

We investigate why some sex scenes work and others don’t.

Then we move into the realm of sex to turn the reader on: how to do it without invoking the ghastly cringe or, perhaps worse, the hysterical giggle.

Finally, we deal with sex in Romance writing – what it should and shouldn’t do, and how to use it well.


COST R 1650

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