Literary skills that used to be associated with fiction have transformed journalism and longer form non-fiction. This course looks at how this form of writing developed and what it involves. Then we deconstruct the story-telling skills that allow non-fiction writers to write compelling and creative copy.

Who should do the course?

  • Experienced journalists who are familiar with writing feature articles.
  • Anyone who has done Allaboutwriting’s Feature Writing course.

Why should you do the course?

  • Journalists are often told the advantage of using “narrative”, but what exactly does this mean? This course takes a comprehensive look at what narrative journalism means and how it works.
  • It deconstructs the story-telling skills available to you, in a clear and accessible way.
  • It gives you practice in making use of these skills, with personal feedback.

The Narrative Course is available online or face-to-face by arrangement for groups.

COST: R2200

BOOKING DETAILS: Please email us to book your place or for more information. 


Module One:
This module looks at how narrative journalism developed. What do we mean by it? It explores the literary techniques that have transformed journalism and longer-form non-fiction. What is the story, and where should you begin?

Module Two:
This module shows you how to write in scenes. You will discover how to hold your reader in suspense and learn the techniques for suspenseful writing.

This module ends with an assignment, which encourages you to write a scene, with feedback.

Module Three:
You will learn how to show rather than tell, by using all your senses, and allowing significant detail to do your job for you. We look at small details and big issues and lastly, how creative use of literary point of view has transformed journalism and creative non-fiction.

The final assignment involves writing a piece, using the POV techniques described, with feedback.

If you do more than one of the Essential Journalism courses you’ll receive a 10% discount on each subsequent Essential Journalism course.

Please email us to book your place or for more information. 

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