The challenge to each participant is to write a short story over the weekend. We’ll provide a clutch of outlines for you to rummage through, if you’re short on inspiration. Then you’ll write the stories and when you’re quite satisfied with your work, we’ll publish every story written in a slim and exclusive volume for distribution, via Amazon, to friends and fans.

Saturday June 21

  • 9 am – participants log onto the online network and read the selection of story ideas – which will be posted on the network.
  • These will include both “literary” ideas – and genre ideas.
  • Each participant will be able to pick one of these for development over the weekend – or you can choose to pursue your own story idea.
  • We’ll post some information on what the challenges of writing a short story are – with some suggestions about how to meet those challenges.
  • Then you’ll be on your own to spend a little more time developing your idea.
  • Jo-Anne and Richard will be available to offer help, suggestions and encouragement or to brainstorm your idea during the breaks on the face-to-face workshop.
  • After lunch we’ll post some notes on character and story development.
  • You’ll then be on your own to write all afternoon.
  • Jo-Anne and Richard will be available at various points to discuss ideas or problems.

Sunday 22 June

  • We’ll post some more notes which will explore issues pertinent to your short stories.
  • Then, more writing. You should be on the home-stretch now.
  • We’ll check on your progress, help you with Act 3 problems, and guide you into the winner’s enclosure.
  • Then you’ll post what you’ve written.

In due course, after you’ve had a chance to do a final edit on your stories, we’ll gather them together by the end of June (or perhaps in the first week of July) and publish them, as promised, online via Amazon.

Cost: R 750

Email us to sign up for a very productive weekend!


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