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The Character Course is a unique writing course devised by novelist Jo-Anne Richards, scriptwriter Richard Beynon and psychologist Pierre Brouard.

The Character Course blends psychology and writing to create a plunge into the process of creating memorable and larger-than-life characters. It looks at the skills and insights needed to make these characters leap off the page.

This course is available online as a five module course and is facilitated by Richard and Pierre. Each module ends with an assignment to which you’ll receive feedback from either Richard or Pierre.



  • Building characters, be they real or fictional
  • How to create psychologically believable characters.
  • How to build a profile of internal and external characteristics that help us develop fully rounded characters.
  • How to generate backstories for your characters that help explain who they are, and why they do what they do.
  • Techniques that assist this process.
  • How each character’s traits indicate how they will respond to different situations and circumstances.
  • The differences and similarities between characters in fiction and nonfiction.
  • How real life characters can help this process, whether we’re writing fiction or nonfiction.
  • Exploring some aspects of your own backstory as an insight into the complexity and uniqueness of every character (note: the course will involve some personal sharing at your own comfort level).

Join us on the Character Course and learn to create complex, unforgettable characters.


R 2250


Richard Beynon is a story consultant and a television and film writer. A former journalist, he has conceived shaped and written scores of documentaries. He has written over a thousand film and television scripts.

Pierre Brouard is a clinical psychologist and works at the Centre for Sexualities, AIDS and Gender at the University of Pretoria. His interests include human rights, diversity and stigma, and he has developed and run workshops on writing. These workshops have particularly focused on the healing aspects of writing as he sees story telling as a way to build empathy for oneself and for other people.


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