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A clear well-structured outline is the key to any successful screenplay. In this professional level course, Kickstart your Screenplay, we walk you through the skills, techniques and strategies involved in turning an idea into a workable outline.  Working off a solid theoretical base, the course gives you clear and extensive feedback and face-to-face or Skype interactions with two immensely experienced course facilitators, Michéle Rowe and Richard Beynon.

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You’ve always been interested in writing a film. You think you may have a great idea for a screenplay. You have some vague ideas you’d like to develop further. You’re simply interested in finding out about the process of screen writing.

What do you need to write the screenplay you’ve always dreamed of?


You’ll be tutored by two passionate industry professionals, with decades of experience and many screenplays and television scripts to their credit, who will guide you every step of the way.


We will teach you the essential elements that make up a screenplay: how to tell a great story, how to develop compelling characters, and the rules of plotting and structure.


Receive full written feedback on ten assignments as well as two one-on-one  sessions either via Skype or face-to-face in Cape Town or Johannesburg. Interact with a friendly community of fellow writers.


The course is designed to provide the skills, tools and inspiration every writer needs to craft a story. The outcome of the course is a treatment, the blueprint, of your dream screenplay.

Why should you do the course?

Film producers seldom read scripts in their endless hunt for original and compelling material. They read the outline: the excitingly presented synopsis of the story that introduces the characters and traces the spine of the drama.

Creating an outline is a challenging and technical process. And it’s what All About Writing’s Kickstart your Screenplay teaches. This involves creating striking characters, and developing and structuring a stirring and memorable story.

We are a nation of extraordinary stories, and producers and content providers are always looking for good, skilled writers to craft these into the medium of film. This course will help you to do just that.

How will the course work?

We’ll release one module every ten days.

The module will introduce the coursework and will include practical exercises to do in your own time.

Each module ends with an assignment to which you’ll receive personal written feedback from Michéle and Richard.

You’ll have a Skype call with Michéle and Richard midway through the course and feedback for module ten will be done via Skype or at a face-to-face session in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The assignments will build, on each other and by the end the course you’ll have a treatment, the blueprint, of your dream screenplay.

Who should do the course?

Filmmakers and writers who are serious about learning how to craft a story for film.

Professional or semi-professional writers working in other mediums, such as journalists, playwrights or novelists, who wish to acquire an added skill.

Screenwriters who may be ‘stuck’ and are looking for a different perspective on a project, or who want to refresh themselves as to the basic rules of structure, character and story.

Documentary or magazine program makers who want to learn how to use screenwriting skills to structure exciting, dramatic content.

Anyone who has a great idea for a movie but does not know how to take it one step further in order to interest investors of producers.


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