Travel Writing Workshop: Together towards your travel blog


£95 – £150 – click here to pay in GBP

Dates: Saturday 7 November and/or Sunday 8 November 

Time: 08:00 to 14:00 UK time / 10:00 to 16:00 South African time 

Join Fred de Vries for a fun weekend honing your travel writing craft by signing up for either the travel writing day or the ‘start your own travel blog’ day or both days. Share ideas and learn with a community of fellow travellers.

On day one, the travel writing day, you’ll pitch your travel blog idea, receive advice on the idea, write your first draft, receive feedback and editing notes, and then polish your piece ready to post it on day two.

On day two you’ll create your own travel blog from scratch on Blogger, post your first travel piece, receive editing and technical advice, and you end up  with a polished blog post with images and links posted on your travel blog. 



Workshop outline 

Day one  – write your blog post from pitch to polished piece
  • Start the day with a group session. Discuss how the workshop will work, and receive guidelines on what makes a good travel piece from Fred. Participants pitch their travel blog idea and receive feedback from Fred. Discuss possible images and links. 
  • Writing time. 
  • Submit first drafts. 
  • Feedback from Fred followed by a group session with editing tips. 
  • Complete second drafts.
Day two –  start a travel blog from scratch and end with a live post with images and links
  • Group technical session with our technical/blog expert. 
  • Participants receive step-by-step instructions on creating a Blogger site and they post their first blogs
  • Group session. We look at all the blog posts and participants receive writing feedback from Fred, and comment and tips from our technical/blog expert. 
  • Individual editing time. 
  • Final group session looking at the finished blog posts. 

Workshop outcome 

A polished blog post with images and links posted on your own travel blog.  

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7 November, 8 November, 7 & 8 November


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