Conflict flares at the intersection of colliding philosophies, cultures, personal agendas – and the contradictory impulses of the human heart.

Without conflict, there’s no drama. Without conflict, stories, whether they’re fictional tales, or stories of what really happened, will flag and your readers’ interest wither on the vine.

Over two days in Stow-on-the-Wold, Richard Beynon will lead a workshop that focuses exclusively on the dramatic engine of both fiction and creative non-fiction.

He’ll provide short bursts of theory, and then invite participants to write a series of exercises to which he’ll give full and immediate feedback.

For a kick in the creative pants, sign up now for All About Writing’s Stow Creative Writing Workshop.

The special introductory cost will be GBP 330 which will include tuition, two nights accommodation and two breakfasts, one lunch and one supper. For the other supper we plan to go to a local pub and lunch on Saturday will be in the village at a place of your choice.

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