Welcome to our upcoming writing courses, offered online to writers no matter where in the world you are, and face to face in Cape Town,  Johannesburg, Stow-on-the-Wold and Venice.

We have designed a broad range of courses, some of which are suitable for the complete novice, and others aimed at experienced writers.

If you need help selecting the course that most meets your needs, please email us or call  Jo-Anne Richards on +27824532591

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Our Cape Town Creative Writing Course is designed to provide writers of fiction or creative non-fiction with the skills and tools they need to tell their own stories. All About Writing will help you realise your dreams.

COST: R 7 950


Our Johannesburg Creative Writing Course is designed to provide writers of fiction or creative non-fiction with the skills and tools they need to tell their own stories. All About Writing will help you realise your dreams.

COST: R 7 950


What do you need to write the book you’ve always dreamt of? This ten-module course will give you inspiration, support, feedback and writing techniques that turn humdrum story into electrifying narrative. 

COST: R 6 300


Imagine you were learning face-to-face, but in the comfort and safety of your home. This is our famous face-to-face Creative Writing Course. Join via video conferencing wherever you are.

COST: R 7 950


This introductory online writing course encourages students to express themselves confidently by mastering the essential skills of creative writing.

Receive personal feedback on four assignments.

COST: R 750


Sign up for one or both of our Coaching Programmes: Focus on Scenes and The Logic of Story. The programmes will benefit everyone: the experienced writer looking to brush off their skills and find a new direction, or the complete novice.

COST: R2,250.00 – R3,600.00


The  ten-module Screenwriting Crash Course will run you through the essential skills required to write for film or television in just five weeks. Master the basic array of skills that could start you on a creative – and profitable – screen or tv writing path.

COST: R 6 300


A clear well-structured outline is the key to any successful screenplay. In our Kickstart your Screenplay course we walk you through the skills, techniques and strategies involved in turning an idea into a workable outline with extensive feedback.

R 10 000


Sharpen your story skills writing for two days in the Cotswolds with a group of like-minded writers. Away from our everyday responsibilities, we’ll talk, brainstorm and write – furiously – with just one aim in mind: to hone our writing skills.



Sign up for a one-on-one writing consultation with story consultant and scriptwriter Richard Beynon and/or novelist Jo-Anne Richards to discuss any of your writing concerns and challenges. It’s your agenda, so you can call the tune. We’re here to help.



Join us for an inspiring writing retreat at a luxurious palazzo.  Spend a week (or two) writing and exploring Venice in the company of like-minded writers. We’ll provide daily one-on-one sessions, morning group meetings and two meals a day.



We offer literary assessments for writers of fiction (novels and short stories) or non-fiction. Send us 5000 words and we’ll give you a practical assessment that’ll help you tackle your project with increased confidence and understanding.

COST: R 2 750


This four-module short guide looks at how to write sex well– whatever genre you are writing. It looks at how sex can advance the plot and develop characters. This course is intended to be helpful, no matter what type of fiction you write.

COST: R 1650


This five-module Character Course blends psychology and writing to create a plunge into the process of creating memorable and larger-than-life characters. It looks at the skills and insights needed to make these characters leap off the page.

COST: R 2250


Enjoy a bit of literary fun with author jo-Anne Richards at our creative writing workshop. It will be of equal benefit to more experienced writers wanting to augment their skills, and to those with no experience at all, who are looking for a place to start.

COST: R 475


For this introductory course, we’ve chosen ten of our favourite secrets to successful romance writing. Each comes with a five-finger exercise, to try on your own. If you can make each of these work for you, you’ll have a humdinger of a romance.

COST: R 250

thirty day writing challenge

Welcome to this self guided course. Receive a new module, which includes a writing exercise, each day for 30 days

COST: R795 – R995


Welcome to our online mini-workshop which will give you all the pointers you’ll need to build a memorable character.

COST: R 250


These six online mini-modules will give the foundation you need to write credible dialogue.

COST: R 450


Our Mentoring Programme is tailored to your needs and provides support, feedback and advice every month.


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