Thank you for attending our webinar on what makes a good antagonist, and thank you for all the great questions.

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Here’s some information about our upcoming creative writing courses:

The Hero’s Journey Writing Course

26 May

The Hero’s Journey Writing Course takes the insights that Joseph Campbell developed into story and character and applies them to the challenges all writers face when they set out to write their stories – whether they’re short stories, novels, works of creative non-fiction, or screenplays. Our course tracks all twelve stages of the Hero’s Journey in eight modules

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Crash Course in Screenwriting

3 June

This is a five-week, ten-module online introduction to the skills required to write a screenplay or a television script. We’ll give you generous and constructive feedback to assignments both in writing and at three live sessions to ensure you master the techniques and strategies you’ll need to write like a professional.  

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My Octopus Teacher Storytelling Workshop

Start whenever it suits you

Netflix’s My Octopus Teacher has taken the world by storm, culminating in a Bafta win, and an Oscar nomination.  It forms the centrepiece of this workshop in which we explore how the protagonist of the documentary – and his octopus teacher – both exemplify key elements of The Hero’s Journey

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