Feature Writing introduces you to the more creative side of journalism – where story-telling meets reportage. It looks at what features are and at different kinds of feature stories. It shows you the writing techniques and journalistic choices available to you and walks you through the process of writing your own feature, from an effective lead-in through to the last dynamic line.

Who should do the course?

  • News journalists who would like to write better and more creatively.
  • Communicators who are required to take their articles beyond the simple press release.
  • Anyone who hopes to write feature stories for magazines, newspapers or websites.

Why should you do the course?

  • The course will give you a better understanding of what a feature involves.
  • It will help you understand how it differs from news writing and how it should be approached.
  • It walks you through the writing techniques available to you in a clear and accessible way.
  • You will be shown how to write an effective lead-in and given writing practice, with personal feedback.
  • The course shows you different approaches for tackling the body of the article.
  • You will look at how other feature writers have structured their articles.
  • You will be encouraged to try your hand at a feature writing exercise, in a safe environment and with constructive feedback.

The Feature Writing Course is available online or face-to-face by arrangement for groups.

COST: R2400

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Module One:
What a feature is and what it is not. How it differs from news writing.

Module Two:
Different types of feature stories. Finding an angle. How to write an effective lead-in. The nut-graph – when to stop teasing and tell your reader why they should go on reading. How to tell them the “so what?” This module ends with an assignment. You will write your own lead-in and nutgraph, with personal feedback.

Module Three:
The body of the article – what techniques are available to you, and how to go about structuring your piece. We deconstruct features to understand how other writers have succeeded. We look at how to use quotes and deal with detail. Finally, we tackle transitions, endings, and how to hold your readers in suspense. This module ends with a feature writing exercise, with feedback.

Module Four:
We deal with a specialised form of feature – profile writing. While the advice given in the previous modules applies, we look at skills that affect this type of feature specifically – such as researching and interviewing your subject. The module ends with an assignment with feedback.

If you do more than one of the Essential Journalism courses you’ll receive a 10% discount on each subsequent Essential Journalism course.

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