A Basic Guide to Writing Romantic Fiction

Our 10-module Basic Guide will introduce you to everything you need to know about writing romance. We’ll discuss what romance is, who your readers are and what expectations they have of you.

We’ll also equip you with all the basic writing skills you need to write a novel:
• Creating believable characters.
• Showing off your characters – what they’re like and who they are – without reams of explanation.
• Revealing your characters’ pasts, without boring your readers to tears.
• Writing authentic dialogue.
• Building a story, with both conflict and romance.
• Maintaining suspense.
• Writing a good climax and resolution, while keeping the tension taut.
• Structuring your story and keeping up the pace.
• Writing love scenes.
• Choosing the best possible viewpoint.
• Creating a world for your characters to live in – setting and background.

Modules should be done one per week but you can also work at your own pace. Each will end with an exercise. We will respond to each with helpful and constructive advice.

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