Ready to write that book or screenplay?

We can walk beside you.

You promised you’d start that book or screenplay this year – but you’re stuck, or have no idea where to start. Or you’ve begun but need guidance.

Our Mentoring Programme is tailored to each writer’s needs and provides encouragement, support, substantial feedback and advice every month.

  • It is suitable for writers of fiction and creative non-fiction.

  • You buy a block of hours which can be used in a variety of ways:

    • receive feedback and personal notes on your writing

    •  brainstorming help and advice on developing ideas

    • with their distinctive honest-but-kind approach, Jo-Anne Richards and Richard Beynon provide notes and advice on story, characters, structure, scenes, point of view and style

This programme will help you start – and finish – your book, collection of short stories or screenplay.

It is suitable for anyone who has completed a substantial writing course.

We hold your hand and walk you through the process.


The All About Writing course taught me more about the elements of creative writing (plot, structure, dialogue, characterisation, story) than nine years at university and my other writing courses combined.

– Keryn Clark, Gold Coast Australia

Working with Jo-Anne and Richard has been an inspiration. Critical input, insight, humour and encouragement are all part of the magic.

Linda Price, Stow-on-the-Wold

Discovering the course has been one of the most satisfying landmarks in my life and certainly in my writing journey… [They] offer I believe an unequalled forum for prospective writers of all skill levels.  I am hooked.

– Clive Goodchild-Brown

How does the Mentoring Programme work?

  • At the start of the programme we will, depending on the nature of your project, we’ll assign either Jo-Anne or Richard (or Michele or Fred) as your primary reader.

  • We’ll assign you to a group. Each month you’ll receive full written feedback on your submission from your primary reader. The secondary reader will comment if he/she thinks the primary reader has missed something significant.

  • The programme is run through a private mentoring group on our online course platform, which is hosted by Ning.

  • This is where you submit your writing and where Jo-Anne and Richard post their feedback.

  • We use Zoom for brainstorming and the monthly half-hour feedback sessions.

Submissions and brainstorms

  • Brainstorms – We can help you develop a story idea or character details through a three-way Zoom brainstorming session, in readiness for writing a book, or if at any stage you find yourself stuck. These can be in lieu of or in addition to your monthly written submission.

  • Your monthly submission might consist of character descriptions, story outlines and scene descriptions etc or be part of the narrative.

  • Before you get too far into the process, we strongly suggest you prepare by working with Jo-Anne and Richard on your story idea and character development. They will let you know when they think you are ready to begin writing.

  • Once you’re ready to submit narrative, we suggest you aim for about 5000 words per month but your emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity.

  • Feedback on 5000 words generally takes between two and four hours depending on how much work the submission requires.

  • We suggest you submit as polished a piece of writing as possible so we don’t waste time on correcting typos and grammatical errors.

  • If you have any hours in credit after six/eight/ten months and you sign up for another tranche, we will carry your hours forward.

  • We’ll track your hours month by month and send you an occasional recon.

Feedback sessions

  • As a bonus to the hours spent on feedback and brainstorming, everyone is entitled to an individual half-hour feedback session on the specified Zoom days. During your thirty minutes you can also talk through your next steps.

  •  Both Jo-Anne and Richard will always be present at the Zoom sessions.

  • Group 1 Zoom sessions are on the last Tuesday of the month and Group 2 Zoom sessionss will be held on the first Tuesday of the month.

  • We might occasionally change these dates but you’ll have advance warning of this.

  • You also have the opportunity to ask Richard and Jo-Anne’s opinion on urgent problems between submissions. This must be done through the online forum, and not via email or phone calls.

In return, we ask that participants commit to:

  • Reading and commenting on at least some of their colleagues’ work.

  • Playing an active part on the online forum

  • Submitting by the deadline every month. (The only exception is if you submit more than 5000 words then you agree to submit a week before the deadline.) Submitting late may result in only reading and feedback from only your primary reader.

Available packages:

Tweleve hour package:

£630 Valid for six months.

Payment plan: A payment of £220 to be made on the first business day of each of the first three months.

Sixteen hour Package:

£800 Valid for eight months
Payment plan: A payment of £210 to be made on the
first business day of each of the first four months.

Twenty hour Package:

£950 Valid for ten months
Payment plan: A payment of £200 to be made on the first business day of each of the first five months.

How to apply:

The programme is selective and prospective candidates are asked to supply the following:

  • Your name, address and phone numbers.

  • A one-page synopsis of your proposed project or no more than one page describing your idea as far as you have developed it.

  • A covering letter detailing why you feel the programme would be of benefit and listing any creative writing courses you have completed and/or writing experience.

  • Please also include character descriptions if you have them, anything you wish to share related to the story as well as the first chapter or two if you have started writing. If you are still in the process of developing your idea, jot down your thoughts, even in their sketchiest form. Submit a maximum of 5000 words including your synopsis.

  • If you are accepted onto the programme, you’ll receive full feedback on this submission (which will officially be your first submission) and it will be what isdiscussed at your first Zoom meeting.

  • Please email to:

Internationally published novelist, Jo-Anne Richards, has published five books and has a PhD in Creative Writing. Her first novel, The Innocence of Roast Chicken, was originally published by Headline Review in the UK, and has recently been rereleased as one of the prestigious Picador Africa Classics collection.

Story consultant and scriptwriter Richard Beynon has had a long and accomplished career in the film and television industry. He has conceived, shaped and written scores of documentaries, has written over twelve hundred scripts, and has led numerous storytelling teams in devising story for soaps and drama series.

In 2007, Richard and Jo-Anne established All About Writing and have since then advised hundreds of writers on their work. They’ve helped brainstorm stories for both novice and established writers. And they’ve helped reshape and restructure stories at all stages of development. They’ve mentored scores of writers through the writing process – and have won the trust of publishers who frequently call on them for help with both manuscripts and writers.

Money back guarantee

We’ve seen our students get results time and time again so we’re proud to stand behind our courses. But your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we offer a 21-day refund period for our online Creative Writing Course and a 10-day refund period for our virtual Creative Writing Course. To be eligible for a refund, you must complete the first three modules of the course, attend all live sessions, as well as submit all exercises and assignments either in the class or online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss one of the live sessions?

Should loadshedding or any other reason prevent you from joining the class, we’ll record it and send you the link to watch and listen at your leisure. (Besides the full notes you’ll get the next day as well.)

How long do I have to complete the online course?

We know that life tales unexpected turns so we allow you a year to complete the course.

How long do I have to complete the online course?

We know that life tales unexpected turns so we allow you a year to complete the course.

Banish banality and let your creative self out

Stories are life-changing – often for the reader, always for the writer.

All About Writing’s Creative Writing Course prepares you for the writing journey.

Over ten modules with extensive feedback at every stage, it trains your eye and hones your craft. (And in the process saves your soul.)

Start today on a journey that’ll last a lifetime.

Sam had a successful career in the corporate world. At 43, though, she regretted losing touch with what she once thought of as her essential creative self. She took our Creative Writing Course and rediscovered the joys of writing. Now, just eight months on, she’s deep into the novel she always dreamt of writing.

“I know it sounds unbelievable,” she says, “but doing that course really did change my life.”

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