Mentoring Programme

Tackling a book-length project can be a terrifying journey 

– unless you have someone to hold your hand 

and keep step with you.


Our Mentoring Programme is tailored to each 

writer’s needs and provides encouragement, 

support, substantial feedback and advice

every month.


With their distinctive honest-but-kind approach,

 both Jo-Anne Richards and Richard Beynon 

provide notes on story, characters, structure,

scenes, point of view and style.


Writers sign up for six months at a time and can submit up to 5000 per month.

Once a month, writers in Cape Town and Johannesburg meet with their mentoring companions, to chat about their work, brainstorm ideas and ask questions of Richard and Jo-Anne.

Mentees further afield join an online session with Jo-Anne and Richard to chat about their submissions, and their plans for the coming month. Writers often say they gain as much from the progress of their peers as from the feedback on their own work.

Available to past participants of our (or any other substantial and reputable) Creative Writing Course.

Click here for further info and for application information.

Please email us if you’d like to know more.

Book Reports

Anyone who has written a manuscript knows that you can’t ask friends and family to judge it for you. Not only could it be hazardous to health (theirs), but you’ll be none the wiser about its strengths and weaknesses.

Perhaps the most important part of the writing process is the rewrite stage. That’s when you take your imperfect efforts in hand and bring them as close as you possibly can to the vision you have for it.

But first you need professional advice. Jo-Anne Richards and Richard Beynon are writers and skilled book doctors, trusted by publishers to give practical advice on where a manuscript works, where it doesn’t, and how to mend its flaws.

With their distinctive honest-but-kind approach, Jo-Anne and Richard provide:

  • A reading of the manuscript by Jo-Anne and Richard.
  • A written general literary report which will include comments on structure, narrative, plot, point of view and characterisation.
  • A feedback discussion via Skype.

Please contact us via email to discuss further.

General Literary Feedback

We will read and give cogent advice on short stories, long features or other short literary offerings. We offer practical suggestions on how to improve a piece, looking at structure, characterisation, story and point of view.

Please contact us via email to discuss further.

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