In All About Writing’s webinar, crime writer Michele Rowe discussed the launch of our Partners in Crime group and crime writing in general.

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Become a “Partner in Crime”

Crime is big.

You only have to walk into a bookshop to see just how popular the genre is with readers. Whether it’s true crime, mystery, domestic noir, in a historical setting or some future dystopia, the crime genre makes up a huge market.

Readers are fascinated by the dark side of human nature, and the moral questions it raises.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a passionate devourer of crime fiction. Maybe because I love puzzles and am fascinated by the mysteries of human psychology. Although most of my professional life has been as a screenwriter, I always secretly wanted to write a crime novel. Finally, I did and to my surprise, it won a Debut Dagger award, one of the more prestigious crime fiction awards in the UK. Since then I have written two more crime novels, making up a trilogy of novels about the same characters.

Writing, as you well know, is a solitary and often lonely occupation. One of the contradictions of crime fiction writers is that they tend to be rather sociable. There are many crime festivals, conventions, societies, and online groups that bring fans and writers together.

Whether you’re interested in crime writing or true-crime podcasts, there is so much to be gained from surrounding yourself with writers in the same genre. You can discuss the tricks and techniques of the genre.

We’re sure you will enjoy the interactions with crime readers and writers!

Michéle Rowe is an author, scriptwriter, script editor and story originator for television and film, as well as a writing mentor, and facilitator on two courses she developed for All About Writing with Richard Beynon: The Hero’s Journey® Writing Course and The Crash Course in Screenwriting.

Projects she has worked on have been nominated or won various awards, Oscar best documentary and International Emmy nominations, a Special Jury Award at Skip City International (Japan), a Banff World TVAward, (Canada), a SAFTA (South African Film and Television Award), and the Andrew Murray – Desmond Tutu Prize.

Her first crime novel (Penguin Random House), won the Debut Dagger Award. , the follow up, was recently published by Penguin Random House. Both books are also translated and published in Germany and France. She is currently completing the third book in the series, Before Their Time.

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