Pierre Brouard is the Deputy Director of the Centre for the Study of AIDS (CSA) at the University of Pretoria and is a registered Clinical Psychologist. He has worked in HIV since the mid 1980’s and at the Centre for ten years.

Arising out of his work on HIV, Pierre’s interests include sexualities, gender, human rights, stigma, governance, leadership, accountability, structural drivers of HIV, prevention and psychosocial and care issues. At the CSA his work includes consulting, training, lecturing, project management, research, writing and materials development.

Pierre also has a personal interest in writing, both creative and therapeutic. With Allaboutwriting he has developed two one-day  workshops, one on developing more psychologically compelling characters in fiction and the other on therapeutic writing. This workshop, which has been adapted to different audiences, caters for individuals wanting to grow and process personal material, but also for therapists who wish to use writing as a therapeutic tool in their practices.

Pierre has written a blog on the vagaries of internet dating, contributed articles on sexuality, gender and contemporary identity politics to newspapers, journals and online forums, and has a book inside him waiting to come out. Now in his early 50’s, Pierre is interested in exploring how creativity and purpose can be a counterpoint to the inevitabilities of mortality, decline and ageing.

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