This four module course, designed to be done over a month, encourages students to express themselves confidently by mastering the essential skills of creative writing.

Starts on the first of every month.

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in creative writing or who would like to explore their creative side as well as writers who would like to test the waters before embarking on a more ambitious course.

Starts on the first of every month

COST R 750


The course is run through our online network and is designed to be completed in no more than four weeks.

Each module ends in an assignment, which we recommend you do in thirty minutes. You will receive personal constructive feedbackand support from Richard or Jo-Anne on every assignment.

Course overview

We’ve wrapped the theory around a series of practical writing exercises. The course will:

  • Help you to write confidently without constantly censoring yourself.
  • Give you tools to develop your unique writing voice.
  • Introduce you to disciplines that will continue to help you to write fluently long after the course is done.
  • Give you tools that will help you write more vividly.
  • Show you how to think more creatively and communicate this in your writing.
  • Help you get more out of books by reading actively.

Who will benefit?

  • Anyone with an interest in Creative Writing or who would like to explore their creative side.
  • Writers who would like to test the waters before embarking on a more ambitious course.
  • High school students who wish to add power and fluency to their writing.
  • Recent school leavers or graduates who’ve learned the theory, who wish to write more confidently
  • Ambitious salary-earners who want to improve their written communication skills.

COST:  ZAR 750 / GBP 45 / US$ 55

Power of Writing Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed the modules and the feedback was wonderfully done. I loved the fact that the modules are balanced. The first two do not require specific writing techniques, but exposes thoughts and observations. The last two modules start exploring the how of transforming ideas/happenings into something that works on paper.

Melanie du Plessis, Centurion

I enjoyed the introduction to each assignment, explaining what is needed with examples, especially for an online course.  The positive and constructive feedback is great and one never feels that you need to give up on your dream of writing. The discussions and forums are a great idea for fellow online writers to communicate. It is good to see how other people write – each person has their own style and seeing the feedback on their assignments are very helpful too.

Alma van As,  Welobie

My experience was positive. I enjoyed the challenge and the constructive feedback. It was great focusing on writing rather than the content that one does in the daily drudge of communicating. I liked writing for the pleasure rather than rushing through the normal communications of the day – bit like “stopping to smell the roses”.

Charles Nesbitt, Somerset West

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, All About Writing was founded by two writing professionals who are passionate about writing.  We’ve devised our courses to help communicate that passion – plus the skills that make it all much more than an academic exercise – to others with a similar calling.


Internationally published novelist, Jo-Anne Richards, has published five books and has a PhD in Creative Writing. Her first novel, The Innocence of Roast Chicken, was originally published by Headline Review in the UK, and has recently been rereleased as one of the prestigious Picador Africa Classics collection.

Story consultant and scriptwriter, Richard Beynon, has had a long and accomplished career in the film and television industry. He has conceived, shaped and written scores of documentaries, has written over a thousand scripts, and has led numerous storytelling teams in devising story for many of the country’s most popular soaps.

With their combined professional writing experience of over 80 years and decades of teaching experience, you’ll be in very capable hands.

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