Thank you for joining All About Writing’s webinar on publishing for indie authors with Tertius Van Eeden, CEO of Print on Demand South Africa. We hope you enjoyed it and found the discussion useful.

Here is the webinar replay:

Here’s how we can help you get ready to publish

Want to learn more about editing from Helen?

Editing Workshop

25 May 2024

Join us for a workshop with Helen that focuses more closely on how to edit: ‘How writers can edit their own work, and how this differs from rewriting or polishing your MS’. There will also be time for questions.

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Mentoring Programme

Our Mentoring Programme is tailored to each writer’s needs and provides encouragement, support, substantial feedback and advice.  It is suitable for writers of fiction and creative non-fiction for the page or the screen.

This programme will help you whether you are writing for personal enjoyment or for publication. It will help you start – and finish – your book, collection of short stories or screenplay. We can work with you to develop a television series, and craft your proposal. We can help you turn a book into a screenplay, or vice versa.

Email us to discuss your project and for more information.

Watch a replay of our last webinar on the ins and outs of publishing and editing with Helen Moffett:

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Fifteen ways to improve your writing

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If you implement just these 15 directives, your writing will reach another level. Where it might have been clumsy, or clunky, it will become elegant and engaging.

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