The Guide to Writing Romance

This course introduces you to everything you need to know about writing romantic fiction. We’ll discuss what romance is, who your readers are and the expectations they have of you. We’ll also equip you with all the basic writing skills you need to write a novel.

Over the course of the program, you will learn to

  • Prepare yourself for the writing life
  • Overcome self-consciousness and get started
  • Develop your own unique voice
  • Create believable characters
  • Show off your characters without reams of explanation
  • Reveal your characters’ pasts, without boring your readers to tears
  • Write authentic dialogue
  • Build a story, with both conflict and romance
  • Maintain suspense
  • Write a good climax and resolution, while keeping the tension taut
  • Structure your story and keep up the pace
  • Write love scenes
  • Choose the best possible viewpoint
  • Create a credible world for your characters to live in

Each module will end with an exercise. We will respond to each with helpful and constructive advice. Every module is designed to be completed as part of your busy week. The modules are intended to take between two and five hours a week to complete, depending how many of the optional exercises you choose to do. In this way, we hope our courses will suit any schedule and all lifestyles. Our courses are interactive, providing students with a constant flow of feedback and advice. We promise to tell the truth, but we’ll always be kind. By the time you’re done with the course, you’ll be equipped to write your first novel, either under your own steam, or with the support of our Mentoring Programme.

Costs and booking details

Payment is possible via EFT in South African Rands – R 5 500 or via PayPal in US$ at the exchange rate on the day of invoicing.

To register for this course please contact us via email  – for the booking form which includes payment details.


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