This four-module short guide looks at how to write sex well, whatever genre you are writing. It looks at how sex can advance the plot and develop characters. We investigate why some sex scenes work and others don’t.

Then we move into the realm of sex to turn the reader on: how to do it without invoking the ghastly cringe or, perhaps worse, the hysterical giggle.

Finally, we deal with sex in Romance writing – what it should and shouldn’t do, and how to use it well.

This course is intended to be helpful, no matter what type of fiction you write.

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COST R 1650


Some of the aspects of this course are:

  • What else a sex scene must do (besides the obvious).
  • Why sex should jostle for its right to be there
  • What sex can do that other scenes can’t
  • Some of the reasons sex scenes don’t work
  • Examples of sex used for different purposes
  • Point of view
  • Setting


We’ll explore:

  • Does it always have to be the full monty?
  • Different levels of explicitness – to achieve different effects
  • How to write sex designed to turn readers on
  • The terms to use (or, more to the point, not to use)
  • Sex and Romance – what to consider, your readers’ expectations
  • Romance and celibacy – how to build your emotional intimacy and sexual tension, even without explicit sex

Further details:

  • The course includes four assignments.
  • We will respond with helpful and constructive advice.
  • You’ll be working online, in the privacy of your own home, so you can experiment and write without self-consciousness.
  • The course is suitable for any creative writer.
  • It is intended to aid writers of all types of fiction, from romance and erotic to literary.
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