I have to say that “finding” Jo-Anne and Richard has been one of the most satisfying landmarks in my life and certainly in my writing journey. Jo-Anne and Richard are two incredible people who offer I believe an unequalled forum for prospective writers of all skill levels in this country. I am hooked.  Clive Goodchild-Brown

A perfect balance of exposition, illustration and exercise at every session. Constructive feedback that is evidence of the most extraordinary attentiveness, delivered with care and encouragement. Your tuition has moved my writing and confidence into a different league…and of course doing it whilst in the company of a delightfully eclectic bunch of soul mates is fabulous. I do not know how I will fill my Wednesday evenings when it is finished! Liz Dewing

… as Clive said, this course has changed lives. There are few things in life that I reckon can lay claim to this honour. We all sit with “that book” lying deep within us, though most of us remain too daunted, embarrassed and just plain inept to even get the first line down. Jo-Anne and Richard have (almost … they can’t write the whole book for you!) all the answers in their wonderful, warm, nurturing and “growing” writing courses. To me they couldn’t have thought of a more appropriate name, for they truly are – and offer – all about writing! They’ll certainly be seeing more of me in the future. Ingrid van den Berg

I found most of the exercises very challenging. They forced me to push myself in directions I’d never contemplated  I found out that I not only can write fiction, I can write descriptive fiction. I joined the course because I wanted tips on how to go about writing a novel. I got what I signed up for. However, I achieved a lot more. I’ve been a writer all my life. Because I’d never been taught to write, I never expected to learn to be a better writer. But I have. I honestly think – hope? – that I am a better writer than I was ten or so weeks ago. Thank you. Marilyn de Villiers

I found Allaboutwriting’s writing course expansive in style, educative in content and entertaining in delivery. Jo-Anne and Richard present a full gamut of learning and insight on creative writing seemingly effortlessly, with the welcome addition of real verve and wit. It was pure pleasure to participate. Tim Cohen

A very positive experience! Richard and Jo-Anne always gave constructive criticism. The weekly exercises were the best part of the course. Simamile Ndaba

The course has been extremely beneficial for me. The course was sophisticated, well thought through and professional. Lisa-Anne Julien

It was a positive experience. I always felt so invigorated after the sessions that I found it hard to go to sleep. Mariki van der Walt, producer

The facilitators were just great together. They complemented one another beautifully, and gave a perfect mix of hard (though always constructive) criticism, and encouragement. Jo-Anne and Richard are nothing short of inspirational. But also so down-to-earth and approachable. – Tara, media specialist and trainer.

Overall very positive. I am a lot more confident of my writing since doing the course. JP Potgieter, producer

Thank you for opening doors for me. I have walked away from the workshop with an open heart and a willingness to take risks . . . Thank you for your gentle creative spirit. – Warren, actor and lecturer in dramatic arts.

The nice thing about Richard and Jo-Anne is that they never impose their own voice on you. They help you uncover your own voice, your way of telling the story and understanding the characters. This comes from their own unique understanding of the position of the writer, and their sensitivity towards that. They are great teachers, and I have benefited immeasurably from their advice which is always practical, and always constructive. – Jackie, journalist.

The course allowed me to release the long pent-up flow of creative writing that has been gummed up, for some years, with academic convention and footnoting imperatives. Incidentally, my academic writing has benefited too from this detox treatment. – Cynthia, senior lecturer in history.

“I had written 80 pages before I did the course and then I realised it was just rough – the course has made me realise how to craft it and make it beautiful.” – Sharon, midwife

“I enjoyed being creative for the sake of being creative … There’s a lot I can pick up and take with me.” – Mike, school principal

“I’ve learnt really helpful, objective things – like you don’t fill your work with exposition.” – Kate, talkshow host and travel writer

“It gave us a chance to practise – it was great to write something and not feel a dreadful sense of insecurity.”
– Zann, publisher

“It’s been great to learn how to tell a story, and to test what works and what doesn’t.” – John, social worker

“The practical part of this course was the most valuable. You think, ‘Well maybe there is a book in me, maybe I’ll get there’!” – Mandy, journalist

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