Thank you for joining All About Writing’s webinar on the ins and outs of publishing and editing with special guest Helen Moffett. We hope you enjoyed it and found the discussion useful.

Here is the webinar replay:

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Editing Workshop

25 May 2024

Join us for a workshop with Helen that focuses more closely on how to edit: ‘How writers can edit their own work, and how this differs from rewriting or polishing your MS’. There will also be time for questions.

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Literary assessment

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We offer assessments on fiction and non-fiction writing projects. Send us 5000 words and we’ll give you a practical report that’ll help you tackle your project with increased confidence and understanding.

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Writer’s Circle

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By becoming part of our inner-circle of writers, you can experience on-going support, the companionship of a like-minded international writing community and  feedback at our monthly meetings. 

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