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You might have cancelled your pony trekking expedition to Ulaanbaatar, but you’re still burning to write a decent blog about your conquest of a tributary of the Orinoco…

Travel writing’s an art – but one that can be learned.

Over a two-day workshop, Fred de Vries, author of eight non-fiction books on travel and music (among other things) will mentor you as you write a memorable travel piece, show you how to create your own blog site from scratch – and baptize it by uploading your first travel blog.

All in one weekend. All without shedding a drop of blood or donning your face mask. You can enroll for the writing day, the blogging day – or both, depending on your existing skills and needs.

Workshop outline 

Day one 
  • Start the day with a group session
  • Discuss how the workshop will work, and receive guidelines on what makes a good travel piece from Fred
  • Participants pitch their travel blog idea and receive feedback from Fred
  • Discuss possible images and links. 
  • Writing time
  • Group receives writing feedback from Fred
  • Editing and writing time
  • Feedback session with editing tips
  • Writing time. Complete second drafts 
  • Short wrap up session  
Day two 
  • Group technical session with our technical/blog expert
  • Create your on blog site on Blogger with step-by-step guidance from our technical expert
  • Participants post their first travel blog
  • Technical help will be on hand all day
  • We look at all the blog posts and participants receive writing feedback from Fred, and comment and tips from our technical/blog expert
  • Individual editing time
  • Final group session looking at the finished blog posts

Workshop outcome 

A polished blog post with images and links posted on your own blog.

Please contact us if you’d like to join this course in the future.

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