Reminder: our Creative Screenwriting course starts on Thursday 15 March

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I just wanted to check in with you to see if you’ve had a chance to think about joining Michele Rowe and me for our Guide to Creative Screenwriting course.

If you have a dream of writing for film and television now is the chance to take the first step.

We’re excited to teach this course and would love you to join us.

What is the Guide to Creative Screenwriting?

The Guide to Creative Screenwriting is a ten module on-line course that runs you through the essential skills required by anyone who wishes to write for either film or television.

Step by step over ten weeks we’ll introduce you to the key tactics and strategies of master screenwriting through:

  • Ten carefully crafted modules filled with practical advice and dozens of examples of writing
  • Weekly discussion exercises designed to get your creative juices flowing
  • Ten assignments that’ll bed down your new skills
  • Tuition and personal feedback from two highly experienced industry professionals

The Guide to Creative Screenwriting is designed to teach you the nuts and bolts of television and film writing and will give you the basic toolkit you need to start writing scripts for local shows.

We believe The Guide to Creative Screenwriting will lay the foundations for a career in television or film.

If you’re already active in a different field of film and television production, then The Guide to Creative Screenwriting will broaden your perspective and give you insights into both the challenges and the possibilities of creative screenwriting.

And if you’re an enthusiast who devours soaps, streamed series and movies, then The Guide to Creative Screenwriting will broaden your understanding of the medium by unveiling the secrets that lie at the birth of tv and film drama.

Are you ready to take the first step towards realising your dream of working as a screenwriter

in one of the most rewarding and dynamic industries imaginable?

Sign up and start your scriptwriting journey today

Let us help you learn the skills you need to work as a screenwriter.

– Richard

PS – Our never-to-be-repeated launch special of less 25% ends on 15 March. Sign up now and pay only R4500 instead of R6000. Also payable in three tranches of R2000.

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