An early bird gift to keep your writing from “sagging in the middle”

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A year is much like a book. It’s easy to begin with enthusiasm. More difficult to keep your writing goals from “sagging in the middle” of the year.

Our flagship courses will give you practical advice on how to avoid this writing sin in a manuscript. But only you can take the step which will put you back on track for the year.

We can help though – with a strong incentive. Until the end of April, we are offering a substantial early bird discount on our flagship Creative Writing Course – online or face-to-face in Cape Town – and our Screenwriting Crash Course.

All three courses begin on 3 June. Don’t miss this offer. It will make all the difference to your writing year.

But can you teach writing, whether for the screen or page?

Of course you can, just as you can teach the techniques to make artists and musicians better than they thought they could be. We’ve seen it work.

Over the past ten years, we’ve honed and fine-tuned our courses, using both our hard-won experience, and the writing wisdom of some of the best writers in the world.

Whether you’re a newbie or more experienced, the techniques you learn in the Creative Writing Course will make you a better writer. You will absorb all the skills you need to write a book, fiction or non-fiction, and you will build enormous writing confidence.

We are proud to say that well over thirty books have been published by past participants in the last seven years.

The course, though, is not only aimed at those who want to publish. Some people take it to enhance their experience of writing for family, and others just to expand their creativity after years of having it stifled by jobs and life.

Sign up today for the Creative Writing Course, online or in Cape Town, and take advantage of our early bird special, which ends on 30 April.

Writing scripts isn’t easy. But the good news is that many of the challenges are technical – and technical skills can be learnt.

The five-week online crash course in film and television writing will take you through the key skills to write professional and innovative scripts.

All three courses offer advice and writing practice, with comprehensive personal feedback from experienced professionals.

And with a discount thrown in? I’ll take my lead from Marlon Brando, and suggest it’s an offer you can’t refuse.

Sign up for the Screenwriting Crash Course today and take advantage of our early bird special which ends on 30 April 2019.


Please email us on admin@allaboutwritingcourses.comif you​’d like to discuss anything, or phone (or whatsapp call) Jo-Anne on +27824532591

Join us on this creative adventure. They say it’s only the lost opportunities we regret later in life.


Follow the links below to our store:

Cape Town Creative Writing Course Early bird special – R6750, save R750

Online Creative Writing Course Early bird special – R5400, save R600

Screenwriting Crash Course Early bird special – R5400, save R600




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