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Venice is always full of surprises. When we opened the lists for our first two-week-long retreat, back in January, we had no idea that we’d fill every vacancy within a month. That was our first surprise.

But our second surprise is a little like the curate’s egg: it’s good in parts.

The bad part of the Venetian egg is the fact that a couple of our participants have developed bad backs that have forced them to withdraw from the programme.

The good part of the Venetian egg is the fact that there are now opportunities to join All About Writing’s Venice Retreat, for either one or two weeks, between 26 August and 12 September for those of you who were disappointed first time round.

Since one of those who has postponed her Venetian adventure till 2020 had booked a room with a non-writing partner, we now have three places to fill. Our guess is that they’ll go pretty quickly.

So make your move now and prepare for the creative adventure of a lifetime. Contact us now

We take a limited number of writers (and some non-writing partners) in order to give everyone the personal attention they need. The venue itself is extraordinary – it gives you the opportunity to live for a week in an original palazzo where Byron once attended soirees.

We provide writing support and mentoring, whether you have an existing project or simply want to expand your creativity. If you don’t have a writing project, we give you daily creative exercises, which you can choose to use or not. Besides the morning talk on aspects of writing, and your daily one-on-one with one of us, your time is your own, to use as creatively as you please.

What will the retreat give you? Well, perhaps it would be best to let some of our participants tell you what they got out of it. Here’s a medley of their comments:

“The retreat was totally fabulous and it exceeded all my expectations,” said one. Another praised the “excellent creative sessions, feedback, encouragement, insight, caring…” The Palazzo Albrizzi experience, she added, was “simply astonishing. Magic is happening here.”

It is true that there is something about Venice, about the Palazzo, and about the alchemy of a group of writers committed to their craft that turns these retreats into what yet another participant called “the experience of a lifetime.”

“Venice was,” yet another participant has said, “a billion times better than anything I could have imagined.”

An added advantage of attending this year is the Venice Biennale. What could be nicer than spending a week scribbling, walking and looking at art? (Oh, and did I mention that the food is fabulous? We provide two meals a day in the palazzo and the cook creates delicious Venetian meals, better than many restaurants.)

For more information please click here, or contact us via email with any questions or to discuss available rooms and prices. You are welcome to call or WhatsApp Jo-Anne on +27 82 453 2591

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