How to fight your way out of a writer’s block: Free, live webinar

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Douglas Adams, whose star shines brighter today than ever, is famous among writing and publishing communities for declaring that he “loved the sound of deadlines whooshing by”. In short, he was a victim of that most dreaded of maladies: writer’s block.

By contrast, Nora Roberts regards writing as not very different from plumbing, and says that there’s no reason that writers shouldn’t follow the work regime of plumbers. She sits down at eight every morning and writes until five, with a break for tea and lunch. She writes ten or so novels a year.

Hemingway believed in the romance of writing, and luxuriated in a very writerly culture. He believed that writers, unlike plumbers, require inspiration to do their best work, but deemed himself fortunate that “inspiration strikes at nine o’clock every morning”.

But of course many of us struggle to start a project, or to sustain a project once it’s begun. We lose confidence in our skills and our ideas and we freeze.

What can be done about this? Well, there are strategies and there are tricks that Jo-Anne Richards and I, Richard Beynon, will be exploring in our free quarterly webinar on 13 August at 6pm (GMT+2). So if you need a way out of a writing cul de sac, why not register now to secure your place on the webinar?

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