You’re invited: Free story development webinar (25 March)

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Because of Covid-19, and the need to be creative at this point, we’ve decided to bring our free Story Development webinar forward to the 25 March. It will provide a good place to start your creative journey and it won’t cost you anything. Consider it our helping hand in these difficult times.

How do writers develop stories, from that first germ of an idea to the fully-fledged narrative with an intriguing beginning, a solid middle and a climactic resolution?

Jo-Anne and Richard will take writers through this most creative of all processes. They’ll focus on the skills and the choices involved in character and world building, the development of tension between the protagonist and antagonist, and the overall structure of the story.

We end with a flourish on the resolution: what can you do to make the climax of your story as satisfying as possible?

Register now to join us on 25 March at 7 pm (GMT+2) and 5pm (GMT+0) – for free!

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  • Sharon

    Would this webinar be available as a podcast should one not be available at the appointed time?

    • Trish Urquhart

      Hi Sharon, yes we’ll send everyone who signed up a link to the recording, as well as a PDF distillation of the discussion. Hope you’ll enjoy it and find it useful.

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