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If you’ve never had the time for a writing course … there’ll never be a better moment than this.

In response to a number of requests, we’re starting a new online Creative Writing Class on Monday 30 March.

We want to add some value during this crazy time – by helping you to stay connected, and giving you something to occupy your mind. We hope you’ll come out of lockdown feeling that you used the time to achieve something.

As Caroline, one of our recent participants, said: “Everyone who wants to write a book should do this course. I know people have written books without your help before, but this just short-circuits the difficult process of learning from one’s own mistakes.”

The course is designed to teach all the skills you need to write a book – fiction or non-fiction – and to get you writing confidently in scenes. We recently listed the books published by past participants in the last ten years: there were 40 of them. Last year, two past participants were nominated for a prestigious literary award.

The course is not only aimed at those who want to publish. Some people take it to enhance their experience of writing for family, and others just to expand their creativity after years of having it stifled by jobs and life.

We’ve made the course as vibrant and interactive as possible. It includes numerous links and video clips, as well as a couple of live webinars for participants to chat to us, ask questions or gain clarity on anything they might have struggled with. For those who aren’t able to make it, we provide a video recording of it afterward.

We have an early bird special running until 29 March. The cost is ZAR6300/£300 but you’ll pay ZAR5670/£270. Please click here to book your place.

Please email us if you have any questions or concerns. We’d love you to join us on what we know will be a very special class in these stage times

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