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The Hero’s Journey is the paradigm for story-tellers of all sorts, whether your focus is screenplays, short stories, novels or (and perhaps especially) memoir. And now, for the first time, we’re offering an entire course devoted to the Hero’s Journey, with exercises designed specifically to navigate you through the Journey from start to finish. Your assignments will be given detailed and creative feedback by facilitators and industry professionals Michele Rowe and me, Richard Beynon.

The course runs you through the steps of the Hero’s Journey over twelve weeks. Each module consists of short and pertinent notes, examples from screenplays and books, and links to clips from a variety of films. All modules end with an exercise, to which we’ll give detailed and creative feedback.

We’ll fun most of the modules through our online platform, but we’ll also run a couple of the modules live via Zoom.

All participants will have the chance to read each other’s submissions, together with our notes – and to communicate with each other. We’ve found that a great deal of the value of any course derives from this interaction. Michele and I are also, of course, available to answer questions throughout the duration of the course.

The cost will be R7500 – but we are offering a 50% discount to a small number of beta participants in return for your full feedback during and at the end of the course.

We’re accepting applications to participate until the end of the day on Monday 31 August. You’ll need to submit your first assignment by the end of the day on Wednesday. To apply: email us giving us a paragraph on why you’d like to be part of the beta group.


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