Black Friday Jamboree: Huge discounts, a lucky draw, and an online writing party

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We’re in the mood for a bit of fun this weekend. We think it’ll be worth your while to join us on our jamboree which includes a range of special, Black Friday discounts.

Here’s what we’re offering you:

Black Friday specials on our 2021 courses. 30% off everything in our shop this weekend only. The discounts apply to our courses, vouchers, and assessments.

Use the coupon code bf30 when shopping in our online UK shop or our South African shop. The offer expires at midnight on 30 November.

And to make it all even more worthwhile, everyone who shops on our Black Friday Sale will stand a chance to win a place in The Inner Circle – our new exclusive subscription service that we’re launching in January 2021.

The Inner Circle makes available to subscribers:

  • exclusive weekly writing advice
  • 12 monthly masterclasses (attend live or access the recordings whenever you need them during the year)
  • two free ‘mid-range’ courses
  • advance booking on all courses
  • and a 10% discount on all of our virtual and online courses.

At the heart of the weekend, on Saturday, 28 November, is our free Jamboree Webinar where we’ll answer the question on every writer’s lips: what is the secret to great writing?

We’re staging a debate between four All About Writing trainers* who will each advance their idea about what constitutes the fundamental element of creative writing.

It promises to be fun, instructive and, dare we say it, dramatic. Once the All About Writing team has advanced their choices, we’ll ask you to vote on the winning secret. Then, to complicate matters, we’ll invite a panel of published writers to tear apart the AAW team’s arguments, advance their own, and turn the debate on its head.

Then we’ll ask you to vote again. (And of course, make as many comments, disparaging or complimentary, in the Chat box.)

The point being, writing’s complicated, and there’s never just one answer to the important questions. Debating the alternatives with yourself, making your selections and then possibly changing your mind, is very much part of the creative process.

To add a little spice to proceedings – and entice you to our virtual debating hall – we’ll be dipping our virtual fingers into our virtual hat and drawing out the names of three lucky participants who’ll each win a place on either our 30-Day Writing Bootcamp – or a spanking new and upgraded Indispensable Guide to Creative Writing.

So end the year with a bang, and prepare for the new and improved one, by joining us for an hour or so on November 28 at 12 noon (SA) or 10:00 (UK).

It’s free, it’s fun – and it’ll give you fresh insight into the strategies of creative writing. Click here and sign up now.

And don’t forget to use the coupon code bf30 when shopping our Black Friday specials in our online UK shop or our South African shop.  The offer expires at midnight on 30 November.

Happy writing
The All About Writing team

* That’s Richard Beynon, Jo-Anne Richards, Fred de Vries and Michele Rowe.

PS If you’d like to increase your chances of winning a course as a prize, please complete a questionnaire that’ll take you five minutes at most – and will give us information essential to our quest to tailor our offerings to your needs. 

We’re offering free places to three lucky participants on either our 30-Day  Writing Bootcamp – or a spanking new, upgraded and exhilarating Indispensable Guide to Creative Writing. The draw will take place on 28 November, and the courses will begin in January 2021.


So why not take a few minutes and let us know what you think, and you might just find yourself the recipient of a free writing course.

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