What’s on in January: A free webinar, a screenwriting course, and more…

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This January, we have courses and a free webinar to help you kickstart your writing year and reach your creative goals. Watch the video above or scroll through the option below to find your perfect writing adventure.

12 January: Free writing webinar

The first line, the first paragraph, the first page. Beginnings are always exciting, whether it’s the start of the year or your next story.

Join our free webinar to ask us any questions to do with beginnings from where to start your story to how to hook your reader, and promise them more. Free – sign up today!

13 January: The Hero’s Journey Writing Course

An eight-part course on the most effective story template ever developed. The Hero’s Journey gives you greater insights into story structure and character than you’ve ever enjoyed before. Personal and instant feedback during “live” Zoom sessions helps bed each lesson down. £450  / R7950

18 January: Screenwriting Crash Course

A five-week, online crash course in the basic skills of writing like a professional. The course will lay a foundation of understanding of the range of key skills you need to write a script. It will deepen your understanding of and appreciation for film and television drama by revealing the secrets that attend the birth of tv and film drama. £350 / ZAR6300  

1 February: Online Creative Writing Course

Master the secrets of creative writing and write the story you’ve always wanted to This comprehensive creative writing course is designed to provide you with the skills and tools every writer needs to tell your own story whether it’s a novel, short stories or creative non-fiction – biography or memoir. £350 / ZAR6300


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