If there’s a story inside you bursting to get out…

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… Then now’s the time to do something about writing it. You’ve been wanting to start for months, perhaps years. Perhaps you’ve written the first few pages of it. Sometimes you daydream about the sort of cover you’d like designed for it, or a glamorous launch, or a hectic auction between eager publishers.

But the prospect is daunting. Perhaps you haven’t written much since school, or university. Where do you start? And if somehow you do pull it off, how do you know anyone will want to read it? Will your story work? Are your characters compelling?

Our virtual Creative Writing Course kicks off on Monday 15 February. In just eight weeks, you’ll learn the skills and tools every writer needs to tell their own story whether it’s a novel, short stories or a memoir.

Plus, you’ll get detailed and specific feedback on all your writing assignments from one of our experienced writing teachers, and be a part of a community of fellow writers.

The course takes place on Zoom and via our online teaching platform, so you’ll be safe as houses while you hone the skills that’ll enable you to turn your dream into a story that moves both hearts and minds.

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