You’re invited: Free webinar on overcoming your writing obstacles

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Every writer is on a Hero’s Journey, the length of which is determined by the scope of their writing project. Like every Hero, they face obstacles, trials and tests en route to their destination.

In our webinar on Wednesday, July 5 Jo-Anne Richards and Richard Beynon will be offering their help to anyone who needs support in meeting and overcoming the obstacles they’re encountering. In the parlance of the Hero’s Journey, they’d be called Mentors…

  • If it’s writer’s block – we’ve got suggestions to help you hurdle right over it.
  • If it’s a plot or a character problem, we can help you tackle and solve it.
  • If you’ve hit a wall, well, we have ropes or step-ladders that could see you scale it.

Whatever the nature of the obstacle you’re facing, we can help.

Date: 5 July 2023

Time: 17h00 UK time, 18h00 South African time

Sign up here!

Send us a succinct description of the problem you’ve encountered, then join us on Wednesday July 5, on our writers’ journey.

Our free webinars are specifically and wholly devoted to improving your creative writing skills.

Sign up to get get some help overcoming your writing obstacles. 

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