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Devising a movie treatment is difficult, and the producer you present it to unforgiving. If the story doesn’t grab him (or her) at once and if the characters are not compelling then you might as well bend over, stick your head between your legs and kiss your chances of having it produced goodbye.

All About Writing’s How to Write a Screenplay is an online course that’s been prepared by two of the industry’s most experienced story developers and scriptwriters. Over the course of ten modules, detailed feedback, and a number of face-to-face tele-conferences, Michéle Rowe and Richard Beynon guide each of the participants from their initial idea to a detailed treatment of their story, giving them advice, brainstorming ideas, and sharpening their writing.

This is a professional course devised for professionals serious about writing. As you work your way towards a producer-ready treatment, you’ll learn all the skills involved in developing memorable characters and generating exciting story.

It’s not an easy course – because writing a treatment is not a walk in the park. But it is a course that’ll make a real difference to your writing and your story skills.

The next course launches on September 1, 2017. We limit the number of participants, so it’s worth signing up sooner rather than later. For further details and a full course outline, click here. Or if you want to sign up immediately, click here.


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