Cape Town Creative Writing Course: 3 alumni share how All About Writing changed their lives

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Dr Adalbert Ernst was passionate about English, but became an anaesthetist. It was during a period of burn-out that he realised he’d been “robbed of something fundamental”.

Gail Gilbride, lecturer, always had a book in her. She loved writing, but “it seemed to go in circles and never moved forward”.

At 50, accountant Clive Goodchild-Brown saw his life transform. His first child was born, and he realised he had a yearning to write creatively.

All three joined All About Writing’s Cape Town Creative Writing Course in the same year.

Last year, Gail’s dreams came true when her novel Under an African Sun was published by a boutique US publisher Cactus Rain Publishing. Adalbert was accepted into the prestigious UCT Creative Writing Masters programme and is busy with his debut novel. Clive is putting the finishing touches to his first book.

“It changed my life,” says Gail, while Clive says it took his writing to another level and gave expression to his creative desire, “which was always unsteady before that”.

“I finally have work-life balance,” says Adalbert. “I love my job, and am passionate about my writing life.”

The course gave Gail the tools both to complete her book and bring it to a publishable standard.  “I didn’t realise I needed the skills until I had them,” she says.

Gail’s is one of 32 books to have been published by past participants in the last seven years. “We’re very proud of that,” says course convenor, Dr Jo-Anne Richards, internationally published author, with a PhD in Creative Writing.

“The course isn’t only aimed at those who want to publish. Some people take it to enhance their experience of writing for family, and others just to expand their creativity after years of having it stifled by jobs and life.”

Join Jo-Anne on 4 June, for the course which could just change your life. The course runs on Monday evenings for eight weeks at David Krut Projects, in the Montebello Design Centre in Newlands.

Jo-Anne goes to great lengths to create a safe space in which participants feel free to experiment and express themselves. “Our motto is honest, but kind, and we take that very seriously.

“Everyone should have fun – and we always do. We provide a soup supper and a glass of wine, for those who are so inclined. We want this to be a stimulating, but relaxing experience after a long day at work.”

All About Writing’s signature Creative Writing Course is also available online. Join us today!


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