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It’s a hard, lonely process growing your writing discipline… Oh shut up, you old killjoy. We don’t believe that.

We’d much rather you had creative fun among like-minded companions, guided by your own thoughtful writing coach, to give you daily guidance.

It’s a no-brainer.

In two weeks this November, our creative writing Coaching Programme will propel you into a daily writing discipline, while developing your practice – effortlessly. And the bonus is that you’ll enjoy it.

The Coaching Programme explodes into action on 5 November. Give us an hour of your day for the next two weeks, we’ll get you writing fit for the holidays – and ready to start the new year writing.

This programme will benefit everyone: the experienced writer looking to brush up their skills and find a new direction, or the complete novice.

We think we’ve found the right balance of theory (not much) and practice (as much as can be fitted into a busy day, about half an hour). The key is interaction and feedback. Each of your twelve assignments will receive our personal and detailed feedback.

And we’ve built in two live video sessions, so you can hook up with us – for a writing discussion, or to ask all those questions you’ve always wanted the answers to.

Best of all, you can choose the focus of your coaching programme, according to your needs. Focus on Scenes is devoted to the art of building effective and dramatic scenes. We’ll show you how to develop and write this most basic component of creative fact or fiction.

Logic of Story will show you how a strong story is the basis for whatever you write. You’ll gain an understanding of how story works, which in turn will give you the confidence of knowing exactly where you’re going.

Whichever you choose, we guarantee that what you learn on the programme will make an immediate and marked difference to your writing.

PS – There’s nothing stopping you from signing up for both Focus on Scenes and The Logic of Story.


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