May Newsletter: Lets make the world better AC (After Corona)

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Let’s make the world a better place AC (After Corona)

Nothing is certain. So, if Covid 19 has taught us anything, it is that we should seize the day and never defer our dreams.

Much has been written about how we will emerge on the other side of this virus. One thing we can depend on: no matter how dark it seems now, we will come through it, hopefully with a determination to make the world a better place.

Life, as Spock said, but not as we knew it.

This virus has taught us many things about what is valuable. Ephemeral luxuries have lost their lustre. This is the time to focus on your authentic self, enhance your creative spirit, and do anything you can to achieve your dreams.

Along with love and friendship, there is very little else in life that is truly worth having.

We have always declared that we’re here to help you achieve your dreams. That is our dream, and it’s never been more important – to the world, and to all of us as individuals.

So here’s how we hope to help you through the dark times and out into the light.

Free Wednesday Writing Webinars

We have two more of our popular Wednesday webinars coming up.

Click here to register for today 29 April, and 6 May here. 5 pm SA time; 4pm UK time.

Creative family fun – Power of Writing

Our introductory Power of Writing Course is a four-module course suitable for older children and teenagers, as well as adults.

Develop a more creative writing style by learning the tools to enhance your writing voice. It will encourage active observational skills and introduce you to the concept of showing rather than telling. 

Two for one offer available for family members doing the course together. Sign up soon – the offer lasts till the end of May.

Community Saturday workshops

We’ve extended our two-hour virtual Saturday workshops through May, since the April get-togethers have been packed to capacity.

There’s a discount if you sign up now for all five – which also means you can be sure of a place. We take only a limited number of participants so that each person receives personal feedback.

These workshops are conducted in a spirit of fun by people who find joy in exercising their creativity without judgment. All comment is – according to our motto – honest but kind.

Many of those who attended the first have remained with us. A warm community spirit has developed and we all enjoy the human connection as much as the safe writing space.

Saturdays: 11 am SA time; 10am UK time. You can sign up here.

Thirty Day Hike Through Writing Country

We firmly believe that focusing on something creative every day revives the spirit and maintains mental health.

We know it’s sometimes difficult, though, in times of stress. This self-administered course is designed to provide a creative focus to your day and develop a daily writing discipline.

Start any time you like, and you’ll receive an email every morning with a brief overview of a particular writing skill each day for thirty days – and a short writing exercise to consolidate your understanding. It’s a daily dose of motivation, inspiration and writing practice.

All for much less than a cup of coffee. And if you’d like feedback on your final assignment, then just add the price of a couple of slices of chocolate cake! Sign up today and receive a 30% discount. Offer ends 30 April.

Here’s what two recent participants said of it:

“[Feedback on the final assignment] was very kind and constructive, and I’ll definitely work in the critique for another draft. I thoroughly enjoyed the course – I think it’s been a great help with my writing, and I hope to do some of the other courses too!” – Jennifer.

“Firstly, I want to thank you for … such comprehensive and meticulous feedback on my final assignment. The way you gave feedback made me feel like a genuine author receiving input that was not only constructive and helpful, but overall, it was kind. The discipline of the daily exercises for 30 days was a great incentive to just write and be creative.” – Leanne. 

Coaching programmes for interacton, discipline and daily feedback

Each of our Coaching programmes will run over an intensive two-week period through May – with advice and personal feedback every day.

These programmes will form a daily focus for your creative activity – with our (always honest but kind) comments to guide you. Even if you’re back at work by then, carry your new creative sensibility into your post-Corona lifestyle. It’ll only take an hour of your day.

Focus on Scenes begins on 4 May. Any story is as strong as its scenes. We tackle ten different aspects of writing to write compelling scenes.

The Logic of Story, which launches 18 May, focuses on the glue which holds a story together. Each day we will look at a different aspect of writing necessary for building a story – from its characters and the structure of its scenes, to sentence formation.

Sign up for both and recieve a 20% discount. 

Coming up in June

On 1 June, we’re offering three versions of our flagship Creative Writing Course – to suit all your needs. Designed to be the only writing course you’ll ever need, it offers all the skills you need to write a book – fiction or creative non-fiction, and will get you writing confidently in scenes.

Sign up and pay for any of these three before mid-May, and you’ll qualify for a generous early-bird discount.

As Caroline, one of our recent participants, said: “Everyone who wants to write a book should do this course.

“I know people have written books without your help before, but this just short-circuits the difficult process of learning from one’s own mistakes.”  

Online Creative Writing Course – This is a lively and interactive 10-module course, with live webinars, links and clips, and written feedback twice in every module – to make certain this will not be a solitary learning experience. 

Virtual Face-to-Face Writing Course – Upgrade to this version and meet two evenings a week through June. You’ll learn in real-time from a tutor, with discussion, chat and personal feedback – and notes to keep afterwards. Numbers limited to ten. All you need is a good internet connection. We’ll talk you through the rest.

Cape Town virtual face-to-face Writing Course – Jo-Anne will teach Capetonians, as usual, every Monday and Thursday evening – but in the safety of your home. As soon as restrictions allow, we will gather to maintain the close connections formed during the course. You just need good internet. We’ll talk you through the rest. Numbers limited to ten.

April/May challenge – a fairytale reimagined

All About Writing’s latest writing challenge offers the winner a literary assessment on 5000 words of writing worth R 2750 / £ 150 or a voucher to the same value to use on one of our courses or programmes.

This month, we’re seeking flash fiction that draws from fairy tales or myths.

How could you re-write Snow White, or Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin or Little Red Riding Hood? Which other character’s perspective within each tale could you take? The Wicked Queen’s? The Wolf’s? What would happen if you set a classic fairy tale in the present – or the future? How would you make it a thoroughly modern fairy tale – set very definitely in the #MeToo era? Read the full instructions, and some writing tips, here. 

Community interaction

Please don’t forget that, if you’ve ever signed up for a course with us, you have access to our extremely popular Corona Diaries, which provides the space for you to write freely and share your experiences.

As health experts are urging, this is the time to take as much care of our mental health and well-being as the physical. We can prescribe nothing more beneficial than the practice of creativity.

Stay safe and happy writing
Jo-Anne and the rest of the All About Writing Team

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