Free Hero’s Journey® Storytelling Webinar: Hone your writing skills

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All About Writing’s Hero’s Journey® Webinar will examine the insights that Joseph Campbell developed into story and character and the template he developed from these insights.

We will look at why the Hero’s Journey® paradigm is the most effective story template ever developed, and how to use it in your own writing projects whether they’re short stories, novels, works of creative non-fiction, or screenplays.

We’ll also be responding to your questions on story and plot.

Wednesday 6 October 2021
17:00 UK time
18:00 South Africa Time

A recording will be sent out to everyone who registers.

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Our free webinars are specifically and wholly devoted to improving your creative writing skills.

You’ll set the agenda: we’ll be responding to your questions and discussing issues important to you. Send them to us in advance of the webinar.

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The Hero’s Journey® and any copyrighted material authored by Joseph Campbell are used under license from the Joseph Campbell Foundation (

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