An adventure into the wilds of Africa, to explore your writing self

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You need to get away. And you need creative inspiration, after the staleness of lockdown. How does a Writing Safari sound – tucked away in a remote corner of Hwange National Park, in northern Zimbabwe?  

And for inspiration? If the elephants, lion and buffalo are not enough, you’ll have the personal attention of internationally best-selling author, Tony Park, and All About Writing’s Dr Jo-Anne Richards, acclaimed novelist, with a PhD in Creative Writing. 

You’ll have no one to bother you but the giraffe and zebra. Right away from the clamour of life, where everyone wants something from you all the time, you’ll be able to concentrate on yourself and your creativity.  

After two nights at the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, you’ll be cosseted in Nantwich Lodge, with all your needs taken care of. Set on a commanding hill, Nantwich’s nine suites each have stunning, uninterrupted views of Hwange’s wilderness. Meals, with drinks included, are served on the long, shady veranda of the main building, a renovated retreat from a bygone era overlooking the water hole. It’s also a perfect place to write. A game drive per day is included, to stimulate you.  

The best retreats offer some tricks of the trade, alongside personal attention on you and your work.  

The Writing Safari was devised to deliver on both these needs. You’ll have the attention of two highly experienced writers, who can offer knowledgeable advice on what works and what can make your writing better. 

Tony Park, who does much of his own writing here, says: ‘Nantwich Lodge is the perfect place for writers and aspiring authors to get away from it all, and find peace and inspiration.  

‘I’m looking forward to sharing our secret safari location and working with All About Writing and all the participants on our writers’ retreat. 

‘For writers and their partners, who are welcome, Nantwich offers a fantastic safari experience for first-timers to Africa, while die-hard bush lovers won’t fail to appreciate the solitude, far away from other lodges and tourists.’ 

 You’ll have the best of both worlds – guidance, and time out of time to concentrate on yourself. We’re offering you the chance to think, to write, and to look up from your writing to watch the impala frolic.  

This is not a luxury. Each of us has been starved of the time and space to focus on ourselves. We all need the time to tend to our creative health, if we are to be balanced and healthy human beings.

Click here for full details.

Dates: 9 to 16 June 2022

Cost: From $ 3150

Please email us to reserve your place. Numbers strictly limited.





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