Flash fiction challenge: deadline 31 March 2024

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This month’s flash fiction challenge was inspired by a dream Richard wrote about in his Monday Writing Motivation.

The winner receives a literary assessment on 5000 words of writing worth £ 170 / R 2900

Here’s the challenge:

Your character has a dream that inspires them to decide to do something they’d never considered before.

In 250 words trace the arc between the dream and the decision.

Here are some writing tips:

  1. Dreams are usually of little interest to anyone but the dreamer so restrict your description of your character’s dream to just a few energetic and salient details.
  2. Remember here – as always – scenes burst into life when they’re based on specific, accurate and sensory details.
  3. This is an exercise in setting up and paying off. Set up the motivation for your character’s later decision in the dream – and then pay it off in a surprising but psychologically convincing way in the waking scene.

Flash fiction challenge: deadline 31 March 2024

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